The Brickside goes to Imagi-Con in Easton, Pa.

Just Brick Cause and Busload of Penguins joined together once again to become The Brickside, and made the trip out to Easton, PA. to set up their booth at Imagi-Con in the Palmer Park Mall! 

We were super excited to be here, as we thought a lot of kids would be coming to the event in Cosplay, and we would have a lot of people interested in the Identify The Minifigs Frame Game… But With Keystone Comic Con and J-1 Con both going on DURING this event, the turnout was very much less than expected.

I did have someone purchase a print of R2-D2, and they were super excited to get it because they wanted it tattooed on themselves… that’s pretty awesome!

We also met with Steampunk Batman and Robin, a pair of super awesome people, who put a lot of effort into their cosplay! Go check them out on facebook:


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