Whitpain Community Festival 2018 – Post Event

We didn’t know what we were in for when we arrived at Montgomery County Community College Main Campus for the annual Whitpain Community Festival, but when we parked in the designated lot for vendors, a Volunteer in a John Deere transport vehicle brought our goodies to our booth, saving us many trips and possibly accidents.  We were not too excited about the “squishy” ground beneath our spot, but what’cha gonna do when we’ve experienced so much rain over the last few months!

We popped up our canopy, setup the PVC Banner Display and set up our tables… before we knew it, people were flooding into the quad and checking out all the vendors, not excluding us.  This was a HUGE turnout, I have never seen a line of people like this to play the Identify The Minifigs Frame Game!  My side of the table was also very successful!

As the day progressed, instead of the ground getting firmer (because of the sun and heat) it seemed to get squishier, to the point where I would sink into it about an inch and my shoes would start to get stuck, and mud was forming in place of the grass.  To my excitement, our next door neighbors, The Hair Cuttery, had just run out of their giveaway items and were packing up to leave… hold on a minute… I’m not happy that they were leaving, they were good, friendly neighbors… but they had all these cardboard boxes left over… and I asked them if they needed them or anything, and they let me use them for covering the muddy area in our booth… which made a huge difference!

This was an AMAZING event to go to, so glad that Just Brick Cause and I made it out!

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