Downingtown Fall Fest 2018 – POST EVENT

October 30th, 2018… Grabbed the last of the items I needed to bring to Downingtown and set off!  I knew there were over 200 vendors heading to this event, and I was supposed to arrive between 8am and 8:45am… even though the event didn’t start until 11am!  Didn’t matter though, Just Brick Cause had a bit of a car issue along the way, arrived a bit late, and in my hurried-ness, decided to setup the entire banner frame by myself (as I HAVE done before).  In my lack of patience, I started putting it up, and half of it decided it didn’t want to go up at the same time, dropping back down to the ground and snapping in 2 different places!

Lucky for me (if you can say something like that after breaking the thing) I had bought a few small rolls of duct tape the night before (because I had to make a repair to the banner itself) so I grabbed the neon green, and wrappity wrap wrapped the broken parts to a usable state, and waited until Mikey of Just Brick Cause had arrived to put it up the right way!

We still managed to get set up, and as I joked about us having to get there so early, I looked at the clock and saw that we were about to open in half an hour!  The day was pretty awesome, a lot of people came out on this hot day, traveled up and down the several blocks of vendors and still managed to find us!

We were pretty glad to have come to Downingtown, and if we’re able to come next year, we’ll be glad to do it!

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