Guest Appearance at Morris Arboretum Fall Fest 2018

The Colonnial LUG (Lego User Group) invited us (mainly Just Brick Cause) to hang out during the Arboretum Fall Fest, several people played the Identify-The-Minifigs frames, I was not able to attend… and feel sorry about that.

As Just Brick Cause states on his Facebook page HERE :

Let’s talk Morris Arboretum. I was invited out to assist ColonnialLUG with a LEGO event they were hosting. I brought the frames with both good news and bad…. the good news it was free to play , bad news there weren’t any of the normal prizes available.

at one point I had a team of five tackling the frame, each given one minute to identify what they can and then passing the marker on to the next…good times indeed

The largest score of the day…. 103 identifications! (no picture of the days record winner!)

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